Longshot Radio is leaving the nest! Or, something like that. We had such a great time during the first experiment that we're going to try and do it again sometime this winter or spring, independent of a Lonsghot Magazine production. The main elements remain the same: one theme; forty-eight hours. Our goal for Longshot Radio is three-part:

1) Give experienced radio makers a chance to work with people they normally wouldn't work with, and tell stories they normally wouldn't tell

2) Give newer radio makers a chance to work with experienced radio folks

3) Push the boundaries of both production and story-telling elements to see what we can learn about making radio that's high-speed and fully-collaborative

Sound fun? Of course it does! For now, we want to get a sense of who may be interested. Fill out the form below - tell us who you are, how you'd like to help, and hit us with your big ideas. Especially that last one. We'll be looking for a weekend sometime in the next 4-6 months to do Longshot Radio 2.0. Be in touch at longshotradio@gmail.com or on twitter @longshotradio.

Talk soon,
-Jody Avirgan, Dylan Fareed, Alex Goldmark, Emma Jacobs, Pat Walters-