1:42 | Produced by Phoebe Connelly

Longshot contributor Phoebe Connelly hits the streets to ask people to fill in the blanks.

3:36 | Produced by Mary Wiltenburg

Contributor Mary Wiltenburg is based in Baltimore. Her work has appeared on This American Life and other programs.

3:44 | Produced by Olivia Koski

Longshot contributor Olivia Koski talks to Rudolph Bolling about One Living Hope Community Church about coming together to overcome adversity – as a man in the West Village gets his car towed for unpaid parking tickets.

2:56 | Produced by Jenna Lane

Contributor Jenna Lane writes: “My mortgage payment is due today. Sometimes I feel like a sucker, paying nothing but interest on a loan for more than my place is now worth. I called the person who’d be the most horrified if I ever walked away from my contractual obligation, and asked about the person who raised her to be like that. This is my mom and me talking about my grandma’s mortgage-burning party.”

1:29 | Produced by Alex Goldmark

This one is a bit on the sad side, as many debt stories are. After a friend’s death she found herself homeless, but with a new appreciation for paying her bills.

5:52 | Produced by rebecca lee douglas

Longshot contributor and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism student, Rebecca Lee Douglas, shares the story of her paralyzing fear of CUNY’s keeper of the equipment room—Mr. Alistair Wallace.

2:33 | Produced by katjusa cisar

Contributor Katjusa Cisar went out and spoke with first generation Americans in Chicago, IL.

2:51 | Produced by Christopher M. Johnson

Sin can spell big trouble, depending on what you believe in. But in the West Africa-based Yoruba religion called Ifa (ee-FAH), “sin” works a lot like debt. You pay it off, and move on. But the payment plan can take a lifetime. That’s kind of the point, and the fun of it. Ifayiga Oba Irawo (EE-fah-YEE-ga oh-BAH ee-rah-WOE) Redmond is a high priest of Ifa who lives in Oakland, CA. Here he explains how humankind’s biggest sin – a massive debt that no ceiling could ever hold – is best repaid by living life to the fullest.

1:19 | Produced by Bruno Magalhaes

Longshot contributor Bruno Magalhaes sent this reflection on debt from Lisbon, Portugal.