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2:55 | Produced by Alex Goldmark & Emma Jacobs

Carl Collins on a life of debt and how it hasn’t stopped him – except for one time.

2:19 | Produced by Alex Goldmark

A collaborative surrealist literary game reveals unexpected insight (and humor) into our relationship with credit.

4:52 | Produced by Jody Avirgan

Longshot contributor McNair Evans speaks with Jody Avirgan about photographing his father’s house.

3:44 | Produced by Olivia Koski

Longshot contributor Olivia Koski talks to Rudolph Bolling about One Living Hope Community Church about coming together to overcome adversity – as a man in the West Village gets his car towed for unpaid parking tickets.

2:05 | Produced by Emma Jacobs

Jeremy Phillip Galen is a twin. He once broke up with his brother’s girlfriend for him. That wasn’t enough, apparently.

2:56 | Produced by Jenna Lane

Contributor Jenna Lane writes: “My mortgage payment is due today. Sometimes I feel like a sucker, paying nothing but interest on a loan for more than my place is now worth. I called the person who’d be the most horrified if I ever walked away from my contractual obligation, and asked about the person who raised her to be like that. This is my mom and me talking about my grandma’s mortgage-burning party.”

1:29 | Produced by Alex Goldmark

This one is a bit on the sad side, as many debt stories are. After a friend’s death she found herself homeless, but with a new appreciation for paying her bills.

3:04 | Produced by Emma Jacobs

There’s a famous person with Chris’s name and he keep getting electronically mistaken for him. Oh, no! He’s slowly losing control of his identity! Is there a better “him” out there?

2:23 | Produced by Mat Honan & Pat Walters & Emma Jacobs

Longshot co-founder Mat Honan tells a story about a life-and-death experience from his youth. Turns out that if it weren’t for the lightning-fast reflexes of a certain old lady in a Honda, this whole crazy magazine-in-two-days adventure might never have come to be.